What are the best background colors for my website?

Deciding what background color to use for your website can be tricky. As a designer or developer, you have a wide range of colors to choose from, but you want to make sure that the color you choose is one that does'nt distract the user from the information shown.

In this article, we will go over some common website backgrounds, and why they are good choices to use as background colors for your website.

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White is a great, neutral color that works with almost every website. If you notice on this webpage, we use black text with a white background, which makes everything easy to read and understand.

As a UX designer or front end developer, you're goal is to create an experience that people will enjoy using, and by using a smooth background color like white, you can accomplish that goal.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that the design of the website needs to be simple. If you look at popular brands like Nike or Shopify, they use a lot of white on their webpages because it allows you as the visitor to focus on the message, on the content.

Our free tool, found here, can help you test a white background on a design and see what it looks like. Here's a good example of a website with a white background.

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Light Grey

A nice, calm grey also works well as a background color for your website. Like white, you can combine darker text colors on top of this color to create beautiful designs. Some good colors to use with light grey are red, blue, and green.

Many times as a designer or developer, you'll want to use various colors for your backgrounds, as one background color can get a little plain. Including light grey in your color scheme can spice up your website, and create a nice calm feel to your design.

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Smooth Black

You might be thinking, "What! Black!", but yes, a nice, smooth black is a grat background color choice for your website. Black is a color that shows prestiege, class, modern, a professional look. If this is the message that you as a designer or developer is trying to give to your visitors, black is a color choice to consider.

Using black is also a good contrast color to use to help break up the website. Having a long singular colored page, or the same color on each page, could get a little boring, and after a while nothing might stand out to the website visitor.

This is where your UI skills come in, and by using a tool like our DarkColors free color tester, you can test black on a website background and see how it will look in real time.

Test your color ideas at DarkColors.

Light blue

The next color we are going to recommend is light, baby blue. This is also a nice calm color to use in your website backgrounds, because it does'nt distract too much from the content shown on the page. Blue is a color that is calm, and so if you are trying to encourage a visitor to buy a product, or help the visitor make a decision, this is a color that you will want to look into.

Keep in mind though, that you will want to use a lighter blue and not a darker blue. In our opinion, the only time you will use a dark background color on your website is if it' black, otherwise you will distract the user's attention from the content on the page. For text colors, a good compliment to light blue as a website color background is a very dark blue or black.

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Light brown or tan

The last color we are going to recommend is light brown or tan. This color is actually once that we included in our "Website Ready Color Palette", which you can find here. We like this color, because it brings a different, unique feel to the webpage.

We recommend using a light brown as a website background color along colors such as white and light grey, or even alongside a darker green or black. For text elements, a darker green or black will work as a great combination with this tan color.

So, what color will you use?

So there you have it! White, light grey, smooth black, light blue, and tan and some of the best background colors you can use for your website. We know that as designers and developers, choosing colors is not easy. Many times you will find yourself wondering what colors to use, or what colors you can try on your website or app. It's why we created this tool at DarkColors. We want you to be able to create your designs and build your websites efficiently without having to worry about the colors you will choose.

If you would like to test these colors out and see how they look like, you can do so for free with our free website color tester.

If you're looking for a way to quickly test and mockup color ideas for your website backgrounds without having to code or design, check out our free color tester: DarkColors

Test your color ideas at DarkColors.