Test your color ideas in real time.

As a designer and developer, many times, you'll see a cool color combination on the web, or an idea will come to mind, and you'll try to implement it in your web projects.

The problem is, many times you will have to go to Figma and design it, or actually code it. You need a way to test my ideas quickly, as you are a solo developer or designer, or maybe work on a small team, and so that's why our team decided to create DarkColors.

DarkColors can be used as a way to test color ideas quickly on a live screen. If you have any questions, please see the " How to use" documentation, or contact us on Product Hunt.

The Idea

Many designers and developers will agree that one of the most difficult parts of UX Design and Front End Web Developement is choosing colors for your applications and websites.

And here's one key point that our team realized: There are many color palettes out there which provide you with color suggestions. And there are many prototyping tools on the web. However, there was no way for you to test your color idea on an actual screen and see what it would look like.

This is not helpful, because if you as a developer are wondering: "I wonder what a light blue background will look like", you will have to code it, which takes time. And if you end up not liking the color, now you have to change it back.

Or, if you're a designer, you have to now open Figma, and mockup a quick screen. Someone might say: "This isn't bad, it will only take a few minutes." Well, those minutes add up, and if you are a solo developer or designer, every minute is important to your projects.

Saving time is key. That's why we created this online tool for people to use. An online service that developers and designers can come use and quickly create an idea. The idea of the app is simple - quickly test a color idea.

Advantages of using our service

The next time you have a quick color idea, or want to see how a specifc color will look on a background, try DarkColors. It takes only a second, and the best part is, if you make a mistake, you can always reset the page and restart!

Not only do you recieve recommened color palettes, but because they are rendered on an actual screen, you don't have to do any extra work to see the result, and what the color will look like.

Why DarkColors is a smart prototyping tool

A prototype is a model or idea of something. So, we created a tool, or service, that lets you test this idea. Why is it smart? Well, it allows you to test a real life UI without any coding, plus recommended color palettes that can help you create beautiful designs.

What if I'm not good at picking colors?

You don't have to worry! Our team's UX and UI Designer provided some ready to go industry used color palettes for you to copy the code and begin using in your app.